A simple watercolour sketch (and more of my favourite tea)

June 26, 2024 | 10 Comments

Whilst I love challenging myself when I’m out on location sketching complex scenes, it’s always very satisfying to do a simple sketch as well.

I don’t sketch as many objects at home as I would like, but I nearly always document the day that I start a new 1kg bag of premium earl Grey Tea from Tea Leaves.

On this occasion it was a little different…

1. I sketched it on the day it arrived but I haven’t actually opened the bag yet. So I will have to remember to write the date down the side on the day that I begin using it.

2. I was using Arkaar watercolours, not my normal palette. See this article for my first thoughts about these handmade paints from India.

Also… just for the record, I used my usual dagger brush for this sketch (not a waterbrush which I have been using for all my urban sketching lately.)



  • Lois Courtright says:

    So cool!

  • Ginie Udy says:

    Love the pen and watercolour combo.

  • Patricia A Wafer says:

    I like the subdued colors. I can always tell an experienced sketcher like yourself as sketches like this look good enough to be ads for the product, they look that professional. When we get too busy to sketch it is always a good idea to grab a small item and sketch that. Usually we can make time for that and it all helps us make progress.

  • Susan Court says:

    After your article about the Arkaar watercolors I got a bit carried away and ordered, reds, blues and yellows. I’ve only had them a week and after trying some mixes I love the subtle colours and how they granulate – you can feel the pigment on the page. The reds/ pinks, oxides are beautiful and have such great names. And the blues!!

  • Lisa Edwards says:

    Of course I had to order some ARKAAR paints after seeing this beautiful sketch.

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