Rocks Workshop Day 2

July 11, 2014 | 3 Comments

Not might energy left to blog… but still I do (see image the base of this post…)
I think these two photo collages sum up a wonderful Day 2 of my Sketching On Location Workshop in The Rocks. Based at the wonderful wonderful Tea Cosy tearoom  – using teacups and cosied teapots (scones were for eating not sketching!) as the subjects for exploring core concepts for sketching and then a glorious afternoon outside in Sydney winter sun.

Two things – no three things that I love very much – teacups (you can’t deny they make amazing subjects to sketch?), Sydney on a clear day, and being around others sharing all that I can about sketching and how much fun it is.

A special thanks to everyone that was part of the 2 days – without you all we wouldn’t have had the incredible vibe, fun and creative energy. The work done was amazing by everyone of you!!!!
And an even special thanks to the owner and staff at the tearoom – they looked after us above and beyond!

A cup that was on prominent display in our classroom the last two days….. no comment!


  • Beautiful sketch subjects indeed! I don't have any pretty tea cups but I do have a coffee cup that I love…hmmm…

  • Margarita says:

    Fantastic Liz, you are or great stimulus and inspiration for that we try to leave witness of the beauty of the daily thing. The cup is the blog: what great truth. But not more that: you are the blog!

    Thank you very much, Liz

  • Coo says:

    Thank you for your blog, Liz.

    Just took up sketching as a hobby and hearinh soo highly of you ????

    So wish you'd do a workshop like this sometime soon in Sydney!

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