Red ink lines

December 15, 2014 | 4 Comments

As a follow up to my recent post where I shared the story of my red lines, and because I have recently received a box of all the new De Atramentis Document Inks I thought I would try using red ink for guidelines.

Hmmm, an interesting experiment and it has got me thinking ‘is it the medium or the colour that makes it suitable for setup lines?’ This is particularly the case when I use raw sienna coloured ink. I am just posing the question at the moment as I don’t have the answer. I am also asking myself ‘if I am alternating between line and colour are the first marks setup or just part of the process?’

I am in the middle of cleaning out some of my unused pens and loading them up with ink… I can’t wait to start drawing with them. Somehow, having an unlimited range of BEAUTIFUL permanent ink colours has opened up the door to many new possibilities. Hopefully during the Xmas/ New Year week when I hope to sneak a few days break I can start exploring these.



  • I think the set up lines define the subject. We choose the most appropriate type of set up for whatever we are drawing. Now we have the choice of not just pencil or ink, but what colour ink!

  • I think that if my life ever settles down, I am just going to drown myself in sketching. I know it would have to do wonders for my drawing too. Always an inspiration, Liz.

  • Angie Willis says:

    Off topic but PLEASE tell me you’re not anywhere near the cafe with the terrorist I’ve been hearing about on the news. Sketching cups of tea is one thing but terrorists…

  • Trudi says:

    I'm with Angie Willis – I work for a Christian radio station, been listening to our news all morning and thinking of you; praying you weren't at that cafe and praying for those that were…

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