Regents St Mortuary Station

December 13, 2014 | 1 Comment

Last Saturday was the last USK SYD event for the year and despite my current workload decided to get out and enjoy some sketching just for me. We were meeting on Regents St outside the Mortuary Station…and it was great just to get my paints out and play a little!

The Mortuary Station (1869) was built to help transport the dead and their families to Rookwood Cemetery and was designed by the first Australian female architect. I have seen it frequently on my train trips into town and in passing as I drive along Regents St, but never been up close. I was quite surprised that my mental image of the building was based on my normally oblique view – I thought the octagon component was to one side of the railway platform but in fact the design is very symmetrical.

It was nice to spend a little time recording the design. Rod mentioned that it was Venetian Gothic… I can’t find my Apperly at the moment to look up (something for a rainy day and BTW I really wish I had a copy of Freeland…hmm, something for my to do list )

On the opposite side of the road was an amazing juxtaposition of two buildings that I wanted to sketch. This was a case of starting a sketch without a clear focus and then working out what it should be halfway through. Fun to sketch but I do wish I had had the time to do another version. However it was time to head to the meeting spot so that I could have some refreshments before everyone else turned up.

I have been wanting to visit the White Rabbit Gallery Cafe for a long time as they have GREAT tea.

There are a lot of bird cages hanging from the ceiling to draw as well – but I refrained on this occasion so that I make sure I schedule a return visit.

Oh, I had dumplings too, but the sketch was super quick and ‘rough’ as I wanted to eat them hot.


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