Recent sketches and another sketchbook finished!

March 13, 2023 | 4 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on my everyday sketching – in fact I haven’t done one of these articles since my last sketchbook! Eek! So much to catch up on.

Therefore this article contains many of the pages in the sketchbook I’ve just finished – Volume 168. 

In this collection of pages you’ll see…

  • Numerous crazy layout experiments – part of the Open Compositions exercise from my Sketchbook Design course
  • Three Wednesday afternoon outings to the city – separate articles here, here and here.
  • A two-hour visit to Cockatoo Island (I shared how I finished these pages inside Lesson 4 of Sketchbook Design)
  • More coloured pencil ‘sketch&walk’ drawings on toned paper
  • A fun outing to the Chau Chak Wing Museum at Sydney Uni with a family of five children
  • Evidence that I’ve been doing a little ipad sketching lately 🙂
  • The usual collection of Village Green sketches, St Albans door and a number of Lane Cove National Park visits.
  • A few food sketches plus the usual scattering of tea and coffee sketches
  • A number of colour swatches and mixing charts (including Ecoline markers) – see more here and here



And there you have it – another sketchbook completed!



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