Recent Edges sketches - Mosman house and some teacups

September 25, 2015 | 2 Comments

I just thought I would share with you the sketches from the Lesson 4 Edges video demonstrations because I had SO much fun doing them! All three in this post were not particularly planned – for the first two I knew what I would do to start but then let the sketch evolve as I went.

So here is a quick sketch I did of an iconic building in Mosman. I try to keep all my SketchingNow videos to under 15 minutes so often have to edit my demos down (a little) to fit within this time frame. This particular sketch didn’t need that at all since it was only 12 minutes start to finish! After last week’s unusually ‘finished’ sketch it was nice to finish Edges with an outdoor demo that was so typical of the way I work these days.

And here is a fun sketch of my Edges cup with my teapot and milk jug having a lot of fun playing with colour and exploring lost and found edges. I am so into losing edges at the moment and it has been a real treat for me to share some ideas about it in the course this week.

The last demo that I did was this sketch – another version of my English Chintz cup. It was completely spontaneous! I started the two cameras rolling and just picked up my paint brush and began! It was a bit crazy and not quite like my normal ‘totally pressure free’ chill out cuppa sketch times as I was conscious of the two cameras recording every mark.

During the demo I made an outrageous statement along the lines of ‘I am scared of drawing teacups’. It is hard to believe, but I am a little apprehensive every time I sketch one because I’m still in awe of the subject matter. I’m still to draw a perfect ellipse (I know I never will!) and I’m always pushing the boundaries of working wet in wet and losing control of my washes. I know that it nearly always works out ok in the end, but the potential for making a watery mess and a wonky ellipse creates a tension that means I’m never bored! And I love this tension!

Ah! now that I have finished all the Edges lessons I can get back to all my other projects and my everyday sketching. But hold on… that is after I start putting everything together for my Launceston 3 day workshop – only just over a week away till I head back to Tasmania for that – can’t wait!

But… we are not finished with Edges quite yet as I still have the final Feedback post and a little Wrap Up to do… including deciding what my ‘three takeaways’ will be. I have learnt SO much putting this course together and seeing how everyone has responded to the challenges. I have been completely blown away by the quality of ALL the work.  Oh! I been loving every minute – thanks to everyone that has been a back of it!

Ok… I will stop talking about Edges now and get back to normal life. Note: my life has been practically all Edges lately so there has been very little normality but things will be back on track really soon – I promise!



  • Barbra Joan says:

    My observation: I am totally out of breath !!!
    My question: Pen sketch first then watercolor?, or w/c first then pen. ? or both ?
    I'm loving the freedom of this sketching as I've always been a traditional transparent watercolorist.
    Your blog intrigued me so much that I had to give it a try. Thank you …

  • Liz Steel says:

    thank you BJ.
    A bit of both …anything goes but these all began with a watercolour wash of some kind and then alternating between line and colour

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