Recent Sketches: A quiet sketching week in an A4 book

July 13, 2022 | 2 Comments

As it’s a little hard for me at the moment to get more stock of my favourite softcover 8×10 Alpha sketchbook (Stillman & Birn) I decided to change size/format again. (If you missed it, earlier in the year I was using spiral-bound Alpha books: Vol155, Vol156 & Vol157.)

I found an old 8.5×11 hardcover book and I’ve been loving it. Technically this is US letter, not A4 and I don’t think this size is available anymore. I’m enjoying the larger size and the fact that it has a hardcover. It is a significantly heavier book but as I don’t go out much these days sketchbook weight is not as much of an issue as it used to be.

But even though I’m loving my new book, the first week of using it was a little lean. This is mainly due to rain and a little more busyness than usual. In fact, Tuesday last week I didn’t sketch anything in my book at all! This is possibly the first time I’ve missed a weekday in years. I was doing a lot of painting for the Live Version of my Watercolour course so it wasn’t that I didn’t do any art… it’s just that I didn’t make time to do anything in my own sketchbook.

Along with some sketches that you’ve seen before in other articles and my usual Village Green sketches there are a few interior cafe sketches in this collection. I’ve also been really enjoying using Dr. Ph. Martin’s Ocean Blue ink (slightly diluted) in a TWSBI Eco for my notes. More about it in this article that I updated last week.

Here are my pages from last week… Enjoy!

As usual… the act of putting an update article together makes me realise that even though it felt like a lean week I still got a lot done! 🙂


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