Palladian Odyssey Planning Week

June 25, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

Palladian Odyssey workshop planning week is now over – we had a lot of fun, visited many beautiful locations and had 5 long days. We are all exhausted but excited about the itinerary we are in the process of firming up. This sketch is of the Palladian bridge in Bassano – beautiful town!

It’s late on Friday night, so just sharing a few photos today.

Final Palladian villa – Villa Emo this afternoon and yes, I have started sketchbook number 2.

Meeting up with Marco, a lovely photographer(right) in Bassano that Mike connected with on instagram – @fullcontrast. Our videographer Alex @pastestudios had a fun time talking cameras this morning.

Back in Vicenza – heading for dinner.

Any guesses where I am spending the weekend?

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