Palladio, Villas and The Veneto

June 23, 2016 | 5 Comments

A quick summary of the last two days as we really get into planning mode for next year’s Palladian Odyssey workshop – find out more about that here.

Opening image is sketching Palladio’s Villa Capra (Villa Rotunda) – a dream come true!

Yesterday began sketching Palladio’s Palazzo Chiericati.

After lunch we went to Villa Rotunda.

A looser version sitting almost straight on to appreciate the symmetry of the villa.

I wrote at the time: Sigh! So incredible and hard to believe I am actually here. Super Palladio fan that I am!

Back in Vicenza we had an evening visit to the roof top of the Basilica. Stunning views of the city.

And then finished the day with a lovely dinner with views of the Basilica.


We picked up a car and drove into the countryside – but first a morning coffee at the beautiful walled city of Cittadella.

Hard to believe… It has taken me 5 days to finally have my first cappuccino! I have been trying to reduce caffeine and also too busy sketching to pause for a coffee.

We are touring the Veneto area looking at venues for the workshop. This is not a Palladio building but very special. We got a tour from the Count in residence.

Quick sketch at Ca de Memi before lunch. A lovely farm stay serving organic local produce…

and then I sketched lunch – yum!

And that brings me up to date – more or less. I am doing some more quick sketches as we explore various venues, but it is the planning that is our focus at the moment. It hardly needs to be said that I am pretty excited about running this workshop next year.

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