#oneweek100people2019 - Day 4 and 5: Slowing my pace

April 12, 2019 | 11 Comments

Just because I hit 100, it didn’t mean that I stopped drawing people. Although it took the pressure off I managed another 50. I returned to my usual (much quieter) cafe as I needed to get some work done. And on Thursday morning managed these sketches in between working on my handout for the Palladian Odyssey Umbrian Tour.

In the evening I had dinner with Chris Haldane at the Westfield CBD Foodcourt. It was a fun evening and made me realise that I don’t get much variety in nationalities in my local cafes. There are some really interesting watercolour work in this collection and I will share more in my wrap-up article separately.

This morning I managed 17 more so that I hit 150. I had a few models – two sweet boys, Marco and Pasquale. Although less people at this cafe there were enough to keep me busy.

I feel a bit sad that this challenge is over as the push to achieve a higher quantity than normal has had a big impact. More about this later!

But I’m also relieved as it had added a lot of pressure to my week – I think an additional 6 hours of sketching over the 5 days. But I think that is the nature of a good challenge so I’m not complaining – just thankful it’s only a five day challenge!

Although it’s been quiet here on the blog with very few comments, it’s been hectic over on Instagram – lots and lots of comments and DMs! So my Instagram screen time has been higher this week than normal – but I’ve had a blast and it’s just so exciting to see so many people taking part in the challenge from all over the world.

So how did you go?

How many did you achieve?

How exhausting/demanding was it to fit in the sketching time?

(We can share takeaways in my next article!)




  • Sabine Koch says:

    30 🙁 My week was much bussiness than expectet. But I will draw many people in the first may weekend because of a festival visit. 😉 I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Mathilde says:

    First time for me to join in the challenge for this year. I drew 100 people and it was fun!

  • Lisa says:

    I achieved my goal of just starting it then I got the flu! Next year!

  • It was my first time participating and completing this challenge. Never before had I ever sketched people in motion . It was quite challenging not being in my comfort zone but it has been extremely rewarding. I am now addicted to it. I sketched under pressure but was able to manage amidst all sorts of things that I need to get done as a mum ?. I did quick sketches and wasn’t really concerned about the proportions etc. I am quite content with my progress and discovery in these last 5 days. Now I just need to practice everyday to get better . Thank you for co-hosting this challenge Liz!

  • Anna-Marie says:

    Thank you for the challenge and tips. I am so pleased I comitted to it. I learnt to let go … ‘just do it’ was my stratergi. After Monday, I found my new style in which my hand and eye bypassed my brain. I got braver and quicker and with surprising results :-).

  • Ardis Letey says:

    I did 100! Last year I began the challenge, but did not get very far, don’t remember why. My results were a mixed bag, some bombed and some I am pleased with.
    This was fun. I fact, I have decided to do my own challenges from time to time. Focusing on 20 a day made it much more manageable, I was able to do 20 each day except for 1 day, but made that up the next. It also helped that my schedule this week allowed the time and the exposure to more faces. (Most of this before the social distancing really kicked in)
    Now back to focusing on your Buildings class.
    Thank you and Marc for your inspiration and for making this happen! Bless you both.

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