My travel sketching kit and workshop stuff

May 18, 2017 | 13 Comments

I’m heading off to Italy today so here are a few photos of my gear. Please go to Sketching Tools section for more details.

(Note: Missing from this photo is my Aquarelle Graphite pencil)

All the stuff put away into their cases.

The left group goes in my everyday bag, the right in my suitcase for nightly homework or backup supplies. Not exactly sure when I will use the little kit – might not take it out with me very often, but it’s good to have as a backup.

5kg worth of handouts and teaching material for two Palladian Odyssey tours. Yes, this is WAAY heavier than I expected, and am so thankful that Mike (tour director) was able to take some stuff for me.

My sketchbooks (3x A4 moleksine sketchbooks for a 4 week trip), support board and backjoy seat. No stool or easel – just can’t take anything extra.

Let me know if you have any questions (after going to the Sketching Tools section!)


  • Fascinating to see all the details and the care you put into planning. Also, love the tartan zipper pouch, Liz. Very ‘you’!

  • Holly Johnson says:

    Have a wonderful trip Liz. I love to see your sketching tools…and really looking forward to the amazing sketches you will create.

  • Back joy for sotting on ground? Or on all chairs? Thnx

  • Back joy for sitting on ground? Or on all chairs? Thnx

  • Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing your tools. It really helps me to rethink all the rubbish that I throw into my bag. Note to self, get organised like Liz. Have a wonderful trip, x

  • Hi Liz, just reading through your whole post and then going to peruse all the other info on how you fill your palette (gotta love paint porn, lol) I noticed you use blutac and thought you may want to know how great the magnetic tape I’ve started using works. Here’s the link to Aleene’s Magnetic Tacky Tape ( This stuff is sticky on one side but I found that it adhered better to the metal, magnet to tin than plastic to magnet so I used a tiny bit of silicone glue this time when I switched to a smaller palette, I just pulled the magnet off the plastic pan then added a dot of silicone glue. Now everything sticks down but is totally removable. Hope this helps. (I’ll be posting my new palette tonight!)

  • sandra de says:

    Wishing you a safe and fun trip to Italy. It is always lovely to see how you organise your art tools when you set off. Looking forward to seeing some great posts from the workshops.

  • Katherine Tyrrell says:

    Plus you can buy a stool when you get there and then dump it before you come home! 🙂

    Have a lovely trip!

  • Mamen Afrikia says:

    Hi Liz 🙂
    If I’m not wrong you write the text next to your sketches with a Lamy calligraphy nib …. isn’t it ?. In which FP are you using this nib ?
    Thank you in advance Liz 🙂

  • Jelly Massee says:

    Would it be possible to see how u go about putting together a handout?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi jelly. Do you have any specific questions. I spent 1 year refining the itinerary with Mike including the lessons (based on my Foundations concepts the location and the narrative I was weaving – each lesson building on previous) and then prepared a simple summary of the main concept.

  • Terri Bone says:

    Hi Liz- Are you re-filling your ink cartridge on site as needed? Or do you fill up a few and carry them on site, leaving the ink bottle and syringe in another bag? My big question is how to cap off re-filled fountain pen cartridges until you need them. Thanks much!

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