More BCN warmup and trying out a dagger!

May 10, 2013 | 1 Comment

my very very quick BCN warmup sketch from Tuesday morning…

This building is near the top of my BCN hit list. I know yesterday I decided not to sketch those on my must-see list…but I weakened this morning. There is a LOT of detail that I simply omitted in this sketch – just trying to get the overall form. It has started me thinking about how I want to get a better feel for the decoration… thinking of watercolour pencils for the decoration and textures – I want to express its richness but not get bogged down in the drawing it all with ink(which could get too heavy!) Maybe tomorrow (or the day after) it will be time to look at a Gaudi building (BTW I started reading a biography of him at the moment)

BTW2 that ‘sticky’ ink from Monday and applying fixative over the top is the first instance of anything coming through the page of an alpha page.

Trying out a dagger (brush) . Malcolm Carver very kindly gave me a small dagger brush on Tuesday night (I was at an amazing talk on mixing colour- will post about soon I hope) and so this morning for my ‘BCN warmup’ I wanted to have a go. It is a lot of fun…I was working at my normal speed and forgetting that I wasn’t using my usual round brush. so got some ‘mistake’ strokes. Lots of fun (oops I have already said that!)

As I was flicking through my BCN books this morning, I had lots of interesting thoughts about how to simplify those crazy buildings but I just wasn’t in the mood to tackle one today. So instead I opted for something simpler so I could test my brush. LOVE this space (from the photos) and cant wait to experience it IRL. I don’t think that we went there when I was in BCN 10 years ago – I am sure I would have remembered it and taken a photo or 2 or 10!

1 Comment

  • Lois Courtright says:

    The blessing of a friend who introduced you to the dagger brush!

    So cool.

    And now you have introduced it to me!!

    Thank you, Liz!

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