Moo Cards and some usual stuff

July 9, 2014 | 6 Comments

I am too embarrassed to start today’s post with today’s page from my sketchbook. So I will start with a photo instead….

Looks like my ‘trip prep’ is finally starting.
Got my box of new MOO cards today. I threw a new images together very quickly a few weeks ago. Some of the new ones have worked really well… some of them I will adjust and some will not use next time. A few old favourite images are still there as well. I have two sizes. The full size which has my phone number and ore details… and the mini cards that I hand out to anyone anywhere. I do really love the mini cards!
It is always fun to see peoples response to my cards ….. I am often very generous (soft) and let strangers on the street take 2 or even 3 because they can’t decide.
I’m all ready for the card swap in Paraty now….

So here is today’s spread… you know why I am embarrassed now… MORE yellow teacups – it is a chronic condition I think.

More playing around with concepts in preparation for my workshop tomorrow – trying different approaches (well that is my excuse) And well I then just decided to fill up the page randomly with stuff from today.

I am getting into the groove now adding trivia from each day – to enliven what is basically an ‘at home object based sketch’ and prevent myself from getting frustrated that I am not out sketching on the streets (what I like best!)
I have obscured the text today … you will therefore have no idea why some of those objects are included.  Sometimes I make the text obscure so the meaning is unclear to others…but then I find I have NO idea myself down the track.
Other times I write stupid things…like ‘brown pear’… I think we all know that is. If I had written “HYL, TRO VDB, CBD Pear” it would have been more interesting!
Using my hero pen for lettering today… would like a broader nib for lettering. The sailor width is good but I cant write with it – the angle doesn’t suit me.

You know… I do love these random just for me pages… it is my version of a ‘brain dump’ .

Hmmm, I am a bit of a nutter I know…. time to get ready for my 2 day workshop in the Rocks …really looking forward to that.


  • All the moo cards look so delightful, I fear I would be quite greedy. Good thing I won't be there!

    And what's so chronic with yellow cups? They are HAPPY! ;^)

  • katooshie says:

    Liz, you are "a bit of a nutter" in the best possible way! Excellent post full of beautiful words and images. Loved this one! 🙂 Katoosie

  • Caroline says:

    There's a famous novel about the America Civil War that has a line saying how a little eccentricity is a help to a general. I like to think that holds for all of us!

  • SusanA says:

    Well, I know which one I would choose–the pink teacup! I actually sighed when I saw it. Beautiful! What's a MOO card, anyway? Have a wonderful workshop!

  • CC says:

    I don't know why my comments keep disappearing! Oh, well! I've learned to save what I wrote! LOL! So here it is! Liz! This is all great! And please don't feel bad about doing "home" stuff! Some of us are home bound and love to see how you can make the same stuff look so beautiful! I love your Moo cards! Gives me ideas! 😉 Good luck with your class! ?

  • JOAN says:

    What in the world is a MOO card? Is this an Aussie term or am I just in the dark?

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