Time to start thinking about Brazil!

July 8, 2014 | 1 Comment

Ok … so what does a page like this indicate? …. Drawing dresses means either planning a trip or planning some sewing or both. Can I fit in a bit of sewing for this years’ Urban Sketchers Symposium? I have made a new dress (or two) each time. This sketch is reviewing my sketching uniform. I think it is time to retire my purple dress – it has been to all 4 symposiums! (and other trips and is looking a little faded) I made a new dress for Sketchbook Skool but it really isn’t practical!

This week’s cafe visit (so far…) was to Kurtosh and here is the earl grey tea I quickly sketched while waiting for my friend. They have amazing cakes… and well yes, I did sample one when she arrived.

BTW, I am really getting into the mode of recording each day and loving it. Some days (like today) the sketch is almost secondary to the few notes that I wrote down on the side…I mean it is not like a cup of tea is an unusual type of sketch in my book…but some of today’s events were – and these events will be very interesting to me as I look back on my book in years to come(if I can remember my strange abbreviations!)

It is great finally to have a Brazil planning meeting. How special to have local sketcher (and native Brazilian) Claudia going to the symposium. I am not sure there are any other Aussies going this year (please let me know if there is) With everything else going on in my life at the moment I haven’t had a chance to focus on the trip this year. But tonight has done the trick!

Just want to say how excited I am with my new camera. The picture of Claudia and I was taken in a dark cafe by a waitress…now that would mean 99% of the time’ blurry almost unusable photo’ if taken with an iphone. And this photo was also taken in the dark and has come out well. Excited!

Sorry about the double post today… I am happier when I am up to date with my posts and do it on the day…and I hope you are liking the larger images as much as I am…I think it is still important to see the spread as a whole but so much better to see each page at a good size.

And finally… thanks for all the comments lately… been a lot of fun to hear from some of you!

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