Lunch in an incinerator

January 14, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

Well, I got out of the house today for two meetings. The first one was about a very exciting project for this year (more about this in a few weeks’ time) and the other was meet-up with Carol from Brisbane and her friend Dee.

I have known Carol for a long time online but have gotten to know her more last year thanks to Sketchbook Skool and the USKAUS facebook group. Sadly I was unable to make it to the USKSYD event organised on the weekend, so it was great to meet and chat non-stop about art things today! Lots of shared experiences and ideas!

We had a lovely lunch and then tea and cake at The Incinerator. It is hard to believe that I have never visited this great building designed by Marion and Walter Burley Griffin. (I can’t leave out Marion even though I have not read she was involved in this building!)

Due to all the talking, it was impossible for me to focus on sketching anything other than the objects on the table. These days I am very disappointed when all I sketch is the food and drink but hey, spending timing talking to people is far more important. Both Dee and Carol managed building sketches before I turned up! I really want to go back soon and sketch the exterior of this building on a day that is not so hot. I know that I would have fun with all the details!

Just a quick note about an interesting sketchbook solution I have discovered this week. As most of you know, I love writing some verses from the Bible that I read in the morning – the best and only way for me to start my day – however it then puts pressure on me to do a sketch each day. Right at the moment, when I am not working (which is most of my waking hours Mon-Sat) I am resting or reading. Days are passing without a chance for a sketch! Anyway, this week I discovered that I could just fill a page with my texts for the day in separate columns. I am very happy with this idea and looking forward to seeing if it develops in the next few weeks.

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