Last week: Virtual Life

March 30, 2020 | Leave your thoughts

I’m now at the end of my second week staying at home and although I have only had 3 face to face conversations with people, it’s been an extremely social time. Between all the phonecalls, Skype chats and livestreams, I feel more connected with some people than ever! It’s sad not to be around people, but as an introvert, I’m super happy to be at home.

The highlight of last week was a Skype birthday party with 6 adults and 6 children. Both my brother and sister had birthdays, so we enjoyed watching my brother’s family have their cake celebration. I tried to do some blind contour sketches at the time but even that was hard with everyone moving so much. My brother sent me a photo of the cake, so I had to sketch it – each quadrant was decorated by one of his children. So sweet!

I have started stamping the day of my self-quarantine with another stamp set in my collection. As this set (also by Kelly Purkey) only has letters, I’m recording the day number in Roman numerals.

This past week has been extremely hectic with work and I struggled to find time to sketch. This coming week will be similar, but I’m happy with what I’m achieving and hope to ramp it up soon.

So here are my pages in full.

I have a separate notebook which I take to church for my sermon notes, but now they are going into my daily sketchbook. (For those that don’t know LD = Lord’s Day.)

Carpark sketch from my window and the cake sketch in context of a full spread.

My morning coffee sketch and a Palladio sketch. Although our 2020 Palladian Odyssey workshops are cancelled I’ve been working on some other stuff for the people who were booked on the tours.

Here it is up close – I had lots of fun playing with watercolour doing this 5 minute sketch.

My Wilkhahn On chair sketch as part of a challenge by Rob Sketcherman. See here for more details.

Some days all I can manage is a tea and coffee sketch – but that’s okay! More about this teacup sketch here.

More views of my On chair.

My new-ish timer – the Time Timer. Apparently it’s great for kids… but this big kid loves it a lot.

I have a great outlook from my apartment but my balcony is tiny! I’m also going to explore overlay type and sketches and was happy with this coffee sketch.

I’m still dressing for a work day even though I’m staying home. I don’t usually wear my normal shoes inside (I have dedicated home shoes) but I like deciding what shoes to wear and matching them to my outfits. In fact I think that in the coming week I’m going to dress up even more and wear some heels!

Bits and pieces. I found a home stamp which was a 21st present and 250g of special Earl Grey tea which I had purchased in February for my Italian trip. I’m drinking it now!

And also my soup and a few watercolour tests as I gear up for a Group Run-through of my Watercolour course.

Another blind contour during my Saturday night weekly call to my accountability partner. And this week’s Lord’s Day notes.

So there you have it! A busy week but I managed to do some fun pages. I actually have lots of ideas of things to sketch from home, but have very limited time at the moment.

Hope you are all going okay – sending you another big hug! Take care my friends.


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