Challenge: Get Down Low

March 27, 2020 | Leave your thoughts

Last week I had an inspiring chat with Rob Sketcherman during an Instagram live. We talked about a lot of things including trying to find inspiration and creating stories about views of our home through our sketches.

At the end of the chat I asked Rob to give us a sketching challenge and it was:

Get Down Low – sketch a part of your home from a really low angle

I haven’t had much time to sketch this week but I did do a few versions of my desk office. The first sketch (above) was done sketching cross-legged on the floor. I was trying to get the most dramatic view possible by sitting close to the chair but it still looked a little tame. I started thinking that I would need to lie down to create more drama.


It is interesting to compare the ‘sitting on the floor’ version with this one which I did for my SketchingNow Edges course last year and you can see a big difference in how much of the seat I could see, and the relationship of the armrests with the back of the chair. Note. If you want to see a demo of this sketch check out the Bonus Material in Lesson 3 of Edges (Self Directed) course.


The next day I saw that Rob sketched his view from lying on his back on the floor and so I did two quick sketches to test my options: on my back (with a pillow behind my head) and on my stomach. The first is the better view and more comfortable but how does one paint in this position when your book is tilting forward so much??

Stay tuned for more Down Low sketches!


We would love us to join in!

If you post your sketches on Instagram please use the hashtags #LizSketchChatChallenge #getdownlow and tag me @lizsteelart and @robsketcherman in your comments.

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