Last Week: Just when I think I'm in a rut...

September 19, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

I do something that feels fresh, and I get all inspired again!

I am still drawing my lattes every day that I visit my local cafe, and sometimes I question why (as I discussed recently on my blog and my #fivedaysketchchallenge) but I keep going.

Last week I decided to go clean and structured. I really liked the feel of it!

If you are wondering:

  1. As I am left handed I work my pages from right to left
  2. I have an insane workload at the moment but I’m trying lots of great techniques for not getting overwhelmed. A few deep breaths, 10 minute walks a few times a day, early mornings/early nights and short afternoon naps are all working wonders. I will share more about these sometime when Buildings is over.

It’s not too late to join SketchingNow Buildings but I will be closing the doors on Wednesday 21 September and will not be offering this content again for at least six months.


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