Last Week: Fitting sketching into a new routine

May 30, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

I really enjoy the discipline of these weekly wrap-up posts. Not only for the chance to put together all the sketches I have done in the week just past, but also to reflect on some ideas that emerge. What I am finding is that each week is in some ways the same, and in other ways completely different from the week before – but each week has importance! My hope is that by sharing these thoughts, you also see the significance of each week in your own life.

So last week something completely radical (for me) happened. And it is completely ironic that after discovering a way to reconnect with my sketchbook (read more here) I completely changed my routine, meaning that my newly created evening time slot for working on my sketchbook was taken away.

I keep coming across people raving about the benefits of getting up early (5am or earlier). I am certainly not a morning person – my peak time for work is normally 8-11pm at night – so the thought of anything earlier than 6am is scary, but for some bizarre reason I thought I would give it a go.

So last week I got up between 5.00 – 5.30m each day and spent at least 1 hour writing before breakfast. I was convinced beforehand that efficiency would be high in the morning but what I didn’t expect is how motivating getting so much done early was to getting up early again the next day. I really wanted to get up early! Wow! this is very radical for me. However, these early starts require going to bed much earlier – I am aiming for 9.30pn – and this means my newly carved out time for my sketchbook disappeared.

To get back on track and share some kind of sketching related thought…

The best way to develop a creative skill is to work on it a little by little on a regular basis and the best way to do this is to carve out a dedicated time slot for this on a daily basis.

So my challenge for the coming week is to find a time for getting sketching back into my new routine. I suspect that at the moment I will need to make a big special effort – just like on Wednesday when I had a crazy non stop day in the city, I forced myself to have a brief pause at The Tea Cosy (sketch above) to collect my thoughts for the remaining tasks I needed to do.

Ok, enough rambling for today, here are the pages from last week.



So you did do anything new and different last week?

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