Last week: Experimenting with watercolour sticks and more

November 29, 2016 | 7 Comments

Following from yesterday’s vlog, here are the pages from my sketchbook in full, including the two sketches done with Daniel Smith watercolour sticks, I will be doing a full review later, but at the moment I am just in the initial ‘play stage’.


Once again, huge thanks to Daniel Smith for sending me these watercolor sticks to test.

So has anyone else tried them? Would love to hear what you think of them.

I know that Teoh (Parkablogs) from Singapore did a great review a little while ago and found them to be very soft and messy. This is quite different from my experience – my sticks are very hard! Obviously the humidity of Singapore would have an effect, but I am surprised at how soft Teoh’s sticks are. Click here to see his review.



  • monika says:

    I just use those as a way of filling pans. They are very pigmentfull:))) – i.e. concentrated, dense. This was not my idea but got it from here:

    So – also a nice way to try Primateks:)

  • I bought the Daniel Smith Buff Titanium stick because I couldn’t find a similar stick or tube color by Winsor and Newton. The humidity here in the West Indies (Trinidad & Tobago) is pretty high also. However my Buff Titanium stick, though soft was not as “messy” as Teoh’s. I especially like how I can cut a piece and press it into a pan and it spreads and fills it right up to all four sides. Plus, the stick never gets completely dry, It stays soft/moist but not wet and runny. So there is no need to wet/moisten it before using it in a sketch. I’ve since bought some DS tube colours and love their intense colours.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Cheryl – thats very interesting about your sticks being not as soft as Teoh’s. And yes, a convenient way to work with pans.

  • Love seeing your pages both ways! But I do enjoy listening to you describe doing them.

    I haven’t tried the sticks…or even seen them. If you can draw directly with them, they can’t be too soft. Now I’m curious.

  • linda zaner says:

    Just wondering where you purchase your lovely bold “date” stamps for your journals? cannot seem to find any like yours and they are to die for!

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