Vlog 4: Planned vs Spontaneous and a little food sketching

November 28, 2016 | 1 Comment

Another week, another vlog. Not only am I really enjoying putting these vlogs together, but I am also loving the renewed motivation I have for sketching and documenting my life. Even though I have been putting together summaries of my week’s worth of sketch on my blog for the last year or so – refer to my Last Week series, I am finding that putting a video together is translating into an added challenge to sketch more!

If you can’t see the embedded video click the top image or direct link here.

So this week the theme that has emerged is: planned vs spontaneous sketching.

I planned to have a few sketching sessions to experiment with my new Daniel Smith watercolour sticks (thanks to Daniel Smith for sending these to me to test). I also planned to sketch my support board for an article I wrote last week. I intentionally drew a grid for my latte sketches, and I mentally prepared for sketching during dinner with my friends on Saturday night. But at the same time, I only planned to start each of these sketches, and once I had begun I let the sketch take on its own life and I worked very spontaneously.

In many ways this sums up my general approach to sketching. I am always thinking about sketching and looking for opportunities to do so, but when in the moment and sketching, I let go and just go with the flow. For me, working in my sketchbook is all about having a place to be spontaneous, so I never (well hardly ever) do a thumbnail or carefully plan the composition or values of my sketches before I start. Ah! I think that’s the subject for another week, but if you are wanting to read more about this subject right now, check out the link below.

Links to articles mentioned in Vlog:

And BTW I am sitting in front of different bookcases today – these contain my architectural book collection!

So what about you, do you like to carefully plan the sketches you do in your sketchbook, or is it a place to experiment?

1 Comment

  • Ania Drozd says:

    I tend to think that spontaneous and experimental sketches may open me up more for accepting mistakes but also they give me opportunity to learn what I should improve. This is how I feel about idea of keeping a sketchbook – it’s not perfect and finish art piece, it’s place to store ideas, visual notes, and it’s safe place for exploration.
    When I plan my sketches too much I feel that stifle my creativity and I tend to “craft” it and overwork it.
    That spontaneous way of journaling is what makes your blog strong and inspiring Liz. Look at the page with jacaranda tree – beautiful, free sketch with new opportunity to explore new mix of colour!

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