I can't keep the paint away.....

April 16, 2014 | 2 Comments

Pages from the last few days… in summary as much as I am loving using watercolour pencils(WCPs) my creative juices just seem to want water to play!

Here is my warmup for the day of the random pile of my WCPs.
I can’t express in words how much fun I am having painting at the moment….

this was my attempt at doing the sketchbook skool homework for the week (I worked from right to left as I am a leftie) and didn’t have a great selection of normal coloured pencils – didn’t quite achieve Koojse’s ‘zen state’… instead I went crazy on 3 more versions…

A pear…. I have one a day at the moment- oh! they are so sketchable and a lovely gift in the mail. I then went wild with some new gamboge paint – I really love that pigment but don’t keep in my daily palette

Last night I just needed to splash paint!!! SO I picked three random tubes from my paint tube storage unit and just went wild!!!!

Cobalt is not a colour that I have in my palette but I just had an urge to paint with it … such a lovely blue actually… what have I been missing (why are there just too many nice blue watercolour pigments… I think I love all of them)


  • I am sure I've said it before, but you are such an inspiration to me, Liz. All the sketches you've done here are wonderful but I must say that the right to left pears are amazing! Somebody sent you a pear in the mail? Did you try tasting it? Not my favorite fruit but many people love them.

  • Sue Pownall says:

    What an interesting week of paintings.

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