How my lines have changed?

May 14, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

I am really loving all the preparation for my sketching class in Manly… in particular, I have been going through my work and seeing threads and developments and evolving ideas and techniques (sometimes recurring themes I was not aware of). Today we will be looking at lines.

What often strikes me now when I look through my first sketchbook (started in Jan 2007) is not so much the baby steps in watercolour but how my linework has changed.

When I started I worked small and neat – totally reliant on pencil setups OR I was very sketching building up the volumes with multiple lines. I was heavily reliant on my architectural drawing skills – either the ‘neat presentation’ approach or the ‘design sketching’.

The sketch on the right is from 2 years ago… at the end of a 3 week trip when my hand and eye coordination was really in sync – I looked at the building and my hand just recorded it (there is one of those quick gesture like setups in red lines but in essence when I used my pen I was looking at the object and not tracing the red lines!) I was also highly distracted by double-decker buses that kept blocking my view…but that only added to the fun and joy I experienced when sketching out on location.

The 2007 sketches were still enjoyable at the time but not in the same way – there is something about sketching out on the streets that gets me excited!

oh! I am rambling… but thought you might be interested in seeing some sketches that have never been scanned.

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