More BCN sketches...

May 14, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Here are my two pages from the last two days. I have been very busy but had started each day with a warmup of a BCN building and testing a few different paints (such as Daniel Smith Moonglow!)

I much prefer to be sketching something that is directly related to what I am doing that day so finding this a little boring after 2 days in a row! It would be different if I was actually reading about these buildings and then responding to the urge to sketch them…but not got any spare time for reading at the moment. And I am worrying that I am drawing too much of the city in preparation… I don’t seriously think that this will spoil the fun…but still there is a limit.
While pondering this problem I suddenly realised that I should look at the Every Day in May list – I thought I was too busy to commit to it…but if I am looking for something to sketch at the start of my working day it would be perfect.

Let’s see how long that idea lasts… before I get the next one. (full of ideas and projects I know!!!)

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