Manly Sketching class: Week 2 - Lines and Edges

May 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

Another fun day with my class sketching in Manly. We had the MOST glorious May day today and ended up down at the beach sketching. Hard to believe that the supposed start of winter is only a few weeks away! I am wishing that all my readers can have a day like we had!! Maybe you have to come and visit us in Sydney to get a dose of Sydney sun and blue skies!

Today we looked at lines – how to use them to define edges. Hard vs soft edges … what is the best way to define these. How much line work do we need for soft edges ( how does pencil compare with ink) and how much can we do with colour later? We also looked at texture and pattern and how to make sure we don’t get to distracted by these till after we have defined the important edges. There is so much that we could say about line… but hopefully we all have some new things to think about after today!
Next week …tone!

Once again I am so impressed with the work, enthusiasm and dedication of the people in my class – and we all sure enjoyed our lunch!  It is such a joy to spend Wednesday morning with you!!!
Casual spots are available on a weekly basis.

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