Historic Ink pen collection

March 13, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Here are some old fountain pens… Me and ink pens go back a long way (thanks to my dad who has lovely handwriting – impossible to read though… “Yes I know Dad, you find my handwriting hard to read too!!!”)
From Lto R (a very humble collection)

(Sadly the old blue parker pen that dad gave me and I used as a teenager must have been thrown out!)

-A cheap sheaffer pen that I bought when I was 17 – lovely flow. I used it duirng my first 2 years at uni. My tutor used to use it when he was reviewing my work and then keep it all day because he loved it so much. (I also had a calligraphy epn … Iwas into that in my late teens as well)

-(3-5th years I used a rotring art pen – that is now more but I now have a new one (see my current pen photo))

-A parker pen that I bought with Xmas money from work in the mid 90s. I used a fountain pen at work for years and the secretary used to fill up my cartridges with a syringe! (last night I put noodlers in it and am giving it another go)

-Another sheaffer (branded Colorbond) We were given these at an architecture conference in 2000 in the sample bag – every pen had a tiny crack in the barrel near the nib so we all got ink on our fingers. 2 months later we were all sent a replacement pen and an apology.

-One of the original rapidograph set I bought (it is a staedtler brand as I liked the cute case that the set came in)

-I soon realised that Rotring were better so this is the trusty .25 I bought back 3rd or 4th year uni.

Not sure if any one is interested in these details (I did this mainly for my own amusement)

But I do have a question… Why do we all rave about Lamy pens??? I used to LOVE the cheap sheaffer nibs and they gave me such a consistent flow of ink.

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