November 28, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

No time to sketch today… but this is the summary of my day as on Instagram 

In keeping with the main themes of this blog today includes sketching, art materials, colour charts, caffeine, travel, sketchbooks…

On the train:
Time for a little markering? Been so long since I used them almost forgotten the colours!

Walking down to the Rocks:
Thought I would get a coffee from where my friend Adam works but there was nearly 30 people waiting! Must be good! And it was. Mecca Expresso.

Sketching Architecture Class:
Spreading out. My ‘stuff’ during sketching architecture class today.

Back Home:
I can go away at Xmas time now I have a supply of a4 watercolor moleskine.

(Am enjoying instagram more and more on days when I am busy)





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