Friday night craziness

October 28, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

A quick visit to Milsons Point this evening – much needed sketching adventure after a crazy week….

Not sketching the opera house tonight? well….

just had to do a second sketch this evening…after all I couldn’t only do 1 sketch in 45mins could I?

And Sketchbook 44 started

just another book started and another one of these title pages… but a few interesting comments (well it is interesting to me anyway!)
1. last daily sketchbook was completed in 22 days (my previous period was 5-6 weeks) and I have been extremely busy at work during this period….I just never stop!
2. this page was an exercise in how fast and loose and messy can I draw my boxes…
3. I used my squirrel brush that I bought in Lisbon (I call it my Omar brush as it is the same that he uses) and because it contains so much more water I was getting some interesting effects… I was purposely trying to be loose. I really want to use this brush more!!!!
3. shadows done with a grey pitt brush pen
4. I am REALLY loving using full pans.. this grid is based on my colour selections of the square schmincke set I bought in london (thanks again Paul!) it is a bit too heavy to take on location but is working great at home.’5. I htink I could ramble away all night …..

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