First sketches from my new home

February 20, 2017 | 1 Comment

I have to admit that moving (over the last fortnight) totally zapped my sketching energy. It wasn’t until my fourth evening (Thursday) in my new place that I felt like doing a sketch at all. My first sketch – the roof of the house next door – was done while standing on my balcony.

Loose and splashy really hit the spot! I really love the shapes and texture of this roof so I know that I will sketch it many more times.

On Friday morning I went to a new local cafe, made a mess of my latte sketch and then did a very loose feeling edges sketch of the view from my table. I am still to properly test out a few cafes in the area, but in the meantime I have chosen this one as my base.

I still have a lot of sorting and packing at my old home to do, so Saturday was spent going through all the little bits and pieces left in my studio. These items were found in the back of the drawer to my old desk. I really don’t need to keep the 15-20 year old ink erasers, do I? One of them is a Rotring TB20 and there is another abrasive kind. I seriously doubt I will do any manual drafting on tracing paper/film in the future, but the emotional attachment to the early days of my architectural career meant that I couldn’t discard them immediately. However, now that I have sketched them, they can go.

Note: It is only the old erasers that I will let go of. My compass attachment stays… oh! it’s hard to throw out everything at once, isn’t it?


1 Comment

  • Fiona Campbell says:

    Well done for coping so well with your move and getting back to sketching so quickly. It took me ages to feel creatively ‘settled’ after our last move. Looking at your ‘from another era’ sketch, do I recognise a Rotring stencil ?! My Dad moved over to these at the end of his working life, and I really missed the look of his distinctive ‘architect’s hand’ on plans ! BTW I have just found a font called Architect’s Daughter- love it !

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