Final week Sketching Class at Balmoral

November 1, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Final week at Balmoral was a lot of fun… we were exploring ways of working with watercolour.
– how wet or dry or juicy to make your washes
– how different pigments behave,
– what brush to use,
– crazy techniques like scraping, splashing, splattering and speckling,

There is so much fun stuff you can do with watercolour! (this is the photo of our classroom floor at the mid-class coffee break!)

We then applied some of these tricks to our surroundings – Balmoral Beach on a beautiful late spring day…one sketcher actually got onto the beach!

A couple of the regulars were not able to make it this week so we had a small group. So nice to have been at Balmoral for the last 4 weeks – it is such a peaceful spot….but  it will soon ramp up (in more ways that one!)

Next week I start a 4 week sketching architecture course running 2 mornings a week, in a busy part of Sydney – the Rocks area and with larger classes. I really can’t wait! (there are still a few spaces left on Thursday morning… and honestly this is the very last time I will mention it- ok!?!)

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