USK SYD at Milsons Point

November 2, 2013 | 1 Comment

I have been to Milsons Point many times to sketch but today’s visit – A USK Sydney event was unique in two ways.
First the Luna Park face had a moustache – part of Movember.  I think we agreed that the face actually looked nicer with a mo- less scary/ freaky.

Also there was a lot of smoke around this morning… but what was really incredible was how it got worse after 10.30 and really descended upon us…

making it impossible to see my subject…The Sydney Opera House.

I was testing out some of my variable thickness pens today. Using the smooth paper of the Zeta I thought was a good chance to use them. My sailor pens are not flowing very well so the smoother paper helped. Also trying to get the best possible results from my waterbrush.

A fun morning – here is the collection from the group.

1 Comment

  • Sue Pownall says:

    I was puzzled by the smoke but checking the link cleared (excuse pun) my confusion. How awful! I hope it's improved now.

    Love all your sketches especially the one of the opera house.

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