A little cafe sketching while working on some illustrations

October 31, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Some days the amount of work on your to do list seems overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Today I decided that a little cafe sketching would be the right thing to slow my pace a little and a really nice organic earl tea and some cake hit the spot as well. So Pablo & Rusty was it. … I will have to return and try a coffee one day!

I am not sure why but sketching a good cup of tea is one the best ways for me to slow my pace but still get my creative juices pumping.

Having fun with my zeta book… but yet once again I felt compelled to continue across the spiral binding. I was planning a vertical composition but somehow I extended it.

I then had a great afternoon… I really love doing my prelim sketches for my illustration jobs – free spontaneous exploratory! Fun

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