Europe16 Favourite: San Simeone Piccolo Venice

November 14, 2016 | 2 Comments

I am putting together another vlog but it is taking a little longer than scheduled and it’s not ready today. So instead I will just share one of my favourite sketches from this year’s trip to Europe.

This sketch of San Simeone Piccolo was done in about 10 minutes while sitting on the steps of the station. It was my last sketch in Venice, and an occasion when I was truly in the flow, like my Salute sketch which I shared a little while ago. Check out the article about that sketch and thoughts on being in the groove here.

It was shape first then line, then a bit more paint and I really enjoyed using De Atramentis Fog Grey Document ink for this one.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already three months since I’ve returned from my big trip, and even harder to believe that I haven’t even started to scan my sketches yet – how out of character is that? However, I was blogging at the time, so many of my sketches have already been shared – click here for the full index of articles from that trip.

When was the last time you felt in the groove while sketching – was it your favourite subject matter, or something new and exciting?



  • Brenda K says:

    Liz, every sketch you do seems frameworthy to me! How do you decide which ones to display? Do you put your own work on your walls? And do you sell them individually too? I think it is a pity to have hundreds and hundreds of your lovely sket hes ticked into sketchbooks instead of on display.

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