Europe 09: Day 03 - Sunday in Cardiff

October 30, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Sunday is my day of rest from sketching – but my journal still got used for notes from the church services that I went to or things that I read and want to remember. Here is another sketch of the church I went to in Cardiff (sketch done last night) with some of my text photoshopped in the background!

Just for the record – I would hate for anyone to get the impression, from the comments on my posts yesterday, that my Cardiff friend was a chatterbox! In fact when I wasn’t sketching I did a LOT of talking myself – more than my fair share I can assure you. The point I want to make is that it is possible to sketch when you are catching up with friends – obviously someone who is going through a huge life crisis would not be the right occasion but there are opportunities for pulling the sketchbook out doing a few lines while listening to your companion talk (don’t worry about added the colour – just get a few outlines down of a simple object). I think it is the right brain vs left brain thing that enables me on occasions to be able to draw with my right brain and still listen with my left. But maybe don’t start trying to do it with a building like Cardiff Castle….(I must have been in hyper drive that day to attempt it!)

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