Europe09: Day 02 - Cardiff

October 29, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Day 2 – a day in Cardiff being shown around by my friend. The focus was more chatting than sketching…but I still managed to fill my quota by some really quick sketches.

The only dedicated sketching time was sketching the church over lunch – but I wasn’t really dedicated to concentrating too much on it!

First stop was Cardiff Castle – I went inside on my own. There were lots of really over the top details that were highly sketchable but I didn’t want to be too anti-social. So quick sketches and then back to the sun.

This sketch of the castle I did while talking (probably mainly listening) to my friend. Listening and sketching I can do – but talking and sketching is far harder. This was an extremely complex building. If I had actually been concentrating I might have found it too hard…

The most exciting part for Borromini was having an audience with Queen Victoria. I am not quite sure what Her Majesty really thought about it all but she was exceedingly gracious and very interested in his Italian name! Just found their website here – impressive!


Next lunch and the dedicated sketch time over lunch at a very nice deli. As mentioned in my journal, the owner offered free food if I sketched the deli – unfortunately we didn’t have time! Great church if you are in Cardiff – just tell the minister you were recommended to visit by Borromini Bear!

Next… No hanging around today… We went to a WONDERFUL folk museum full of historical Welsh buildings. A real treat for me. I managed these two quick sketches while my friend was on the phone and added colour later. (it took me a few days before I had caught up on finishing the pages from this weekend!) Thankful being able to have such a great packed day with no jet lag – and to my lovely friends for looking after me so well!!!!

By the way the little Welsh dragon got named Ynyr! (I wanted a Welsh name with ‘no’ vowels!)


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