October 28, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

For the last few months I have had an orthodontic torture device in my mouth that has made speaking very hard work…and some words nearly impossible to say- ‘cute’ was one of them. My rotator is out and I am anxiously awaiting stage 2 tomorrow… but thought I would celebrate my 24 hours of being normal by sketching something cute! But I didn’t want it too cute… so how about a tiny yellow handbag that is about 20 years old?

The idea for this zeta was to try some vertical compositions… but my urge is to ignore the spiral binding and do my usual thing. Very random composition.

The smooth paper is SO nice but it is quite different to use for my watercolour…. the lack of texture does mean that there is not as much granulation as cold press type paper – so I was testing that out today. The creamy surface is a delight and I am happy with these results.

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