Starting a zeta book!

October 26, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

First two spreads of my zeta book..and some comments.

– The paper is SO different from what I am used to but it has to be the nicest pen my lamy has ever come across!

– Using a spiral bound book is a huge change… but without intending to I tried to connect the two pages in the first spread.


– Of course I have to draw the cup that is on the label as my first sketch in the book!(groan groan!)

– The sketch on the right is nothing special but highly significant for me as a record! A huge huge reshuffle in my study/workroom/sewing corner – getting rid of a lot of stuff and furniture that I have had since my uni days…and making it into a home office/studio.

– I am really looking forward to challenge of completely different paper and format for sketchbook and have some ideas of different ways to work.

– The palette on the title page is very very odd. it is made up of 4 different triads plus cobalt teal blue!

BTW this is a zeta sketchbook from Stillman & Birn and I am honoured to have my work featured on the label. It is smooth 270 gsm bright white paper designed for ink and wash. Beautiful paper and like all S&B top quality….if you missed it the other day – here is my cup and cosy and the sketchbook label!


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