Catching up with my daily sketches for the last few weeks....

February 15, 2014 | 2 Comments

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I feel like I haven’t been doing a lot of sketching lately as I have been so busy and working crazy hours… but in trying to catch up with all my daily sketchbook pages, I have realised that I have been doing a heap… at least one sketch a day (though of course not on Sundays)

I am REALLY loving having two sketchbooks. I use an A4 moleskine watercolour book for when I go out sketching for hte day, and my daily book is a  Stillman and Birn spiral bound landscape format Alpha. I am loving not not working across a spread- it is heavier than the usual hardbound A5 but I seem to be coping. SO here are all my pages in a big dump…in a slideshow… or go to the set on flickr here

A few comments
– they are generally a lot more experimental than my sketches have been for many years. I am testing new big brushes that take way more water than I am used to, new ink, mixing up painting and drawing…
– there are a LOT of tea cups… more than ever I think and that is simply because I am busy and the only time I allow myself to have a break is my cuppa. I know that I can sketch a cup of tea while I drink it. It is also the safe subject matter for me to push… there are a number of sketches in this collection that I am very excited about.
– I have been using this book to do warm ups when I am out for the day…so that has tended to be the food/ coffee sketches…

 Almost up to date now….I do want to talk about a few of these sketches in detail… but not sure I will get the chance for a while…


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