What is with all the coffee's lately?

February 17, 2014 | 3 Comments

I wonder if any of you are surprised by all the coffee references in recent times and sketches…like this one from my day at The Entrance a few weeks ago… I am starting to wonder myself, but then I realise I have always drunk coffee (1 a day maximum) and when I’m out, I normally have one in the morning. I think the big difference is the fact that I no longer have a tearoom to hang out in… I do miss the T2 teahouse greatly as it was my external office – the place I went to get away from the grind and think and plan. So, without it,  the proportion of tea to coffee sketches when I am out is a little out of whack. I don’t get that excited by sketching latte in a glass but when I can, I now ask for a latte in a cup and saucer… there is something about a cup and saucer that I enjoy sketching…. (And just maybe I am drinking more coffee in the morning because I am not getting enough sleep!)

This morning after dropping my car at the mechanic to get the fuel gauge fixed (I will post separately the sketch I did when my car ran out of gas and talk about the expressiveness of lines) I stopped at a cafe and despite feeling like a coffee, ordered a tea instead because I knew it would be more sketchable and I would enjoy it more. Early morning wonky circle syndrome but I like what the paint did in places…


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