Canberra 2010: Day 1

March 13, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

Just back from three days in Canberra… I did 19 spreads in 2.5 days is about my usual pace isn’t it? Will spread it over three posts.

The reason for the trip was to see the Masterpieces from Paris exhibition- but I took a few extra day for general sketching. Unfortunately my friend had to pull out so I was on my own (more sketching!)


Left early (really early for me) as I had heard about terrible queues at the art gallery.
This page was a bit of a warm up (I am not good first thing!)

I will write more on my impressions of the exhibition and the queues and some tips I picked up separately. But I was thankful to only wait for 50 minutes and for it not to be too crowded inside. Some wonderful artwork and I am glad that I made the effort – but next time I want to see something in Canberra I will come early in the exhibition period!

One of the major problems with some many people turning up for one exhibition in this precinct of the city is that the food options are limited and CROWDED – so while waiting for ‘after-lunchtime’ I visited the new portrait gallery – very nice building and I sat in the entry hall to sketch.

Checked on the cafe queue -it was worse!!! So time to wander the galleries. I told myself that I ought to sketch some of the portraits… at least I tried…

Ok… I am a LOT more comfortable drawing tea and food (but you all know that!)…even if starving and starting to fade. I felt worst (tiredness) this day that I normally do on my first day of an overseas trip when I am just off a 24 hour flight! Go figure??

The orange background was from the bag of the NPG shop – I did intend to use it as collage but sometimes it is just easier and quicker to draw it – BTW orange seems a popular colour (well in this volume anyway!)

It was a BEAUTIFUL fresh sunny day of 20C – perfect for sitting in the sun sketching – which is what I did next. Had a lovely chat to an architecture student in the middle of the sketch. I was too tired to attempt the extreme perspective that I was actually looking at (directly looking into the sun too)

Next, with my little sketching stool, I sat on the lawn in front of the lakeside facade of the High Court building and sketched this. I loved these buildings as a teenager – and now looking at them as an architect for the first time (I haven’t been to Canberra much in the last 20 years…) love them even more! Somewhat Brutalist and with too many 45 degree angled walls.. but so well done!!

After checking in to my B&B and went out for a very early dinner, drew a quick sketch map of my days wanderings (thanks to google maps on my iphone) and then turned out the light at 8.30pm!

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