Canberra 2010: Day 2

March 13, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

They had run out of the exhibition catalogue – so I had to go back the next day. But I wanted to anyway as didn’t see much of the general collections of the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery and inside the High Court.

Enjoyed walking past the exhibition queue (MUCH longer) and straight to the cafe!

Wandered around a bit – tried to do a quick sketch standing up and then wandered some more. Found a great exhibition on contemporary Aboriginal art – this proved to be the inspiring moment of the trip. I have never really been that interested in it before, but since I am now into pattern, I suddenly got excited by the colour and textures…

I drew these 3 hollowed logs as the only memory I have of the first visit to the gallery (apart from seeing blue poles by Pollock) was going down a ramp with all these painted logs, didgeridoos etc. I was very naughty and managed to paint this inside the gallery – hiding the paints on my lap!!

Next I went to the High Court.. made a mess of my sketch of the interior of the court and worrying about not making any noise (my pencil sounded so loud!!) Was interested in the 3 forms of natural light. A very interesting space. The Court 1 was great too but didn’t have time to sketch.

Ok… enough of architecture… time for a special afternoon tea experience….

Not sure that I need to say much about this….except that I didn’t eat all of those cakes on that plate!

The central space is so amazing – too complex to do a quick sketch so I did this combo. It got me thinking that i should try to develop a technique for recording spaces as complex as this. Le Corbusier elements came into my head while doing this.I might do some research and follow up sketches.

Mt Ainslie- One of the best spots in Canberra – great overview of the city and so peaceful. Quick sketch and then time to collapse for a bit before going out to dinner!

Dinner with friends… all I did at the time was a few seconds outline of the almond covered prawn and then was sociable for the rest of the dinner. Added paint later. Also wanted to draw a map each day but a combo collage this afternoon back home was all I could achieve!
Another long day!

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