Brazil Trip: From Paraty to Rio

September 23, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Monday morning Esther, Suhita, Lynne and I left Paraty for Rio. Getting heavy trolley bags to the bus station wasn’t that simple… we got a wheelbarrow to the edge of the historic area and then only had a little distance to carry or pull our bags over  those crazy cobblestones (the wheels of my bag seem to have survived the ordeal). Then we had a comfortable but long bus trip to make it to Rio.

But first a quick sketch of the bus station!

We were doing a lot of art chatting (Ok… I was doing a lot talking!!!…) that I didn’t really focus on sketching too much …but did managed one quick one of the typical view out the window. Stunning scenery. We did have some amazing art discussions though – sharing ideas from the symposium and our own work!

There were a lot of sketchers planning to be in Rio during the week after the symposium. The challenge would be whether we could work out how to meet up! Most of us only were in contact when we had wifi and there were numerous group emails circulating…very confusing.
So it was quite amazing that we managed to connect  Marc and Laurel Holmes and Shiho immediately after our arrival. Marc’s chosen location? – one of the most complex building in Rio perhaps? Yes – Candela?ria Church.
We quickly found a spot on the sidewalk to sketch.

This was a TOTAL shock to the system after Paraty…I found the craziness of the place, the noise, the grim, the smells and just not having at all a feel for the place really affected my sketch. Tried to include too much too quickly and then started over working it. Stop now! I wanted to do a second attempt – focused in on the building itself but the light faded on us and everyone else was finished.

But where was Lynne?… sitting on her stool right on the edge in the traffic island. If you haven’t realised by now Lynne is the life of the party!
Someone then suggested a fancy tearoom… I like that idea!

Confeitaria Colombo is the place to goin Rio and the interior is indeed spectacular! However, I wasn’t impressed by the tea. Cake selection was huge. “Which is the best looking cake?” was the discussion point with some of us.
Here are a few silly photos…I developed quite a knack of taking crazy photos of certain sketchers!

First let’s have a go at the whole interior….we had a great view from our table at the back corner of the space – the perfect location! While I was tackling the ceiling my fellow sketchers were muttering about the mirrors… and then the food arrived.

We had a crowded table – a light dinner and then cake and of course sketching gear.
Can you work this photo out?  it is a before and after record of the table.

A group photo… notice Esther is taking the photo and in the mirror.

I tried a second sketch of the mirrors and then my tea-bagged tea. I was very happy with this quick little teacup sketch…in fact it is one of my favourites I have done for a long time. It is a perfect example of the wonderful ‘magic’ that watercolour can do on the page when you work boldly and confidently. I also love playing with lost and found edges. Compare this with the Candela?ria sketch above – it is a completely different approach – isn’t it?

Not surprisingly we were the last ones to leave…


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