Big Trip 2010: Edinburgh

November 4, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

On the way to Edinburgh – feeling sleep deprived but I was really happy with this soup sketch!

More plane sketching to keep myself going!

So so jet-lagged but I had to fit a tearoom visit in and I had a lovely chat to two ladies.

And then I had to sketch the castle while waiting for Esther.

A lovely Scottish cooked breakfast.

Jenners Department Store: I had SOOOO much fun doing this – was beautiful day, sitting in the sun in a safe position, lots of chats to onlookers and my pen just freely did its own thing – in the groove!

So I decided to have a no pressure day (after the craziness of the last few weeks)… starting with a relaxed cafe visit at Elephants and Bagels

And then I just started roaming the streets with no pressure to sketch.. but the urge was there. I sat a little too close to passing cars to do the Cowgate sketch.

There are so many wonderful views in the Edinburgh!

Like this one of Edinburgh Castle

And then it was time for another visit to Eteaket!

Waiting for Esther and still sketching. For my ‘no pressure’ day I sure did a lot of sketching. And it wasn’t over.

Evening excursion to Queensferry.

And a lovely dinner with a spectacular view of the Forth Bridge. Thanks Eza!

Morning warmup sketching for an outing with Esther to Aberdour Castle – outside Edinburgh.

It was a gorgeous day… a lovely castle and good tea and scone. What more can I ask for??

I’m really struck by how relaxed I was when I did this… you can tell in the linework… total chill!!!! Please check out Eza’s sketch at the same time (borromini says” please do!!!” – I wonder why!?! Just maybe there is a sketch of him!)

And another sketch – ah! this was so nice!!!

A Scottish wedding and a chat to the piper. I love getting people to write in my sketchbook.

Finish the day’s sketching at the station and doing a floor plan and wee map.

Another morning sketch from my B&B.

Catching up with Stuart Kerr sketching a non tourist part of Edinburgh.

And BB got sketched by Stu!

Still sketching my food. I always love the soups in the UK.

It was time to do a final sketch before heading to the airport

Make that final 2, 3, 4 sketches!

Sketching in the taxi

And sketching in the plane.

Please note the man on the right side of the sketch in his Harris Tweed jacket doing his crossword. I will meet him again later!

What a fun and super productive trip to Edinburgh… next stop – The Isle of Lewis.


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