Friday Night restlessness - yellow theme

November 5, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

A somewhat crazy and unplanned page – expressing a certain restlessness tonight. I am missing sketching a LOT and need to get a few things in my normal life into balance. I think the mammoth scanning task is a bit of a burden – I know there is no rush to get it all done but I am a bit uneasy till I have a digital record of the originals. Think of how much MORE sketching I would produce if I didn’t have this scanning time to schedule in… but then that would generate more scanning…it is a neverending cycle. Maybe I should just start knitting again (after all the cricket season has started!) BTW I haven’t actually scanned or posted most of my daily sketchbook pages since I got home!

I might try to work my away around the colour wheel to find some different objects to sketch… so I just might do something orange next… is that an excuse to visit T2 tomorrow or buy another orange box of tea? – no Liz no!

BTW the little fellow is another one of Borromini’s friends – silly magnet animal with no body. Purchased a few years ago at Timbertown in Wauchope NSW Australia. The yellow bag is nearly 20 years old – cant be that old…well lets say over 10 years old!

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