BCN.UK.2013: Symposium Day 1!

August 13, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Day 1 of the long-awaited symposium!!!!

I have to do one of these every year… my sketch of the bag of goodies …before I start using or give away to others. Thanks to all the sponsors and the organizers- especially Elizabeth Alley for all the hard work.

Due to the goods that they actually received, I know that not everyone got the same stuff and some more than others. I am very thankful for all that I got and it was a LOT to draw!(got somewhat bored drawing it all) Map of my adventures of Day 1 included.

I started with a really wonderful workshop on the first morning run by Veronica Lawlor. Original workshop description

I couldn’t imagine a better way to start- thanks!!!!… really fun play time and new thoughts to carry me through the coming year. I have a lot to explore with making marks as a result! I am adding all my comments into my sketchbook about my thoughts at the time and what were the takeaways.

As usual at the symposium, one of the highlights of each workshop is who you get to  sketching alongside … there is always some amazing work done right next to you  – this morning I hung out with Omar and also Isabell and Ceilia…very inspiring stuff!

And of course how exciting to be sketching such wonderful Barcelona architecture as well- It doesn’t get better than Casa Batlo to draw!

Looking very happy sketching Casa Batlo and watching Omar doing great things in his sketchbook as well!

Ready for a big version of my Casa Batlo sketch???? What Veronica called my chatty sketch!

In the afternoon (the wet afternoon) I did Marion’s workshop. Original workshop description

I absolutely adore her work and was looking forward to this workshop. I expected it to be a stretch and it was- in a good way. I always enjoy the challenge of trying something new and working a different way. It has been really helpful for me to add my notes from the workshop afterwards- it is a good way to absorb the main concepts and I now want to try these techniques again soon.

The symposium is all about opening the door to exciting new ways of thinking and doing… the start of something… so a huge thanks to Marion for doing that! (I might also add that it was a real thrill to see her work in real life and her in action a few times during my stay in BCN! Wow truly beautiful work!)

And so ends sketchbook Number 1!

… and just finally here are two more (blurry) photos from the day… In Barna art with Paul, Tia and Omar buying up paper and their escoda brushes and Daniel hard at work in the afternoon session.(notice the tongue!!)

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