A Tea Break

May 29, 2023 | 2 Comments

This is a loose watercolour (paint-only) sketch of one of the vintage cups that I recently acquired. It is the Floradora pattern by Booths China (taken over by Royal Doulton) and used to belong to my Aunt. I did this really quick sketch at the start of my workday recently and instantly decided that it would become a favourite to sketch.

This is mainly because it is a fancy pattern with lots of details and a nice combination of colours. It also has an interesting cup and saucer shape!

In particular, I really like the asymmetrical motif that is used three times (not four) around the saucer. And the deep-stepped saucer creates an interesting relationship between it and the cup. I did this pattern study a few weeks beforehand and the knowledge I gained from this more technical drawing enabled me to do the watercolour painting with freedom.

These two sketches sum up a lot of the reasons why I love sketching teacups so much – I love understanding their interesting forms and complex patterns which then frees me up to interpret the pattern in loose watercolour strokes with lots of pigment parties.

My Teacups course starts on Wednesday (the classroom has just opened) so it’s not too late to join.

Click here to find out more and join us!

This will be the only chance to go through the course with a group at the current price.

Because it’s going to be such a big event, I’m going to have a little break from publishing articles here on my blog for the next few weeks so I can focus on working through the course with the founding cohort!

If you have signed up for the course – I can’t wait to see you in the classroom.



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