A shelley high tea!

January 2, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Tea and Treasures is a very very special Teahouse! They might not have 50 varieties of tea or remove the tea leaves from the pot after 5 minutes of brewing… BUT the incredible collection of china, the amazing home baking and the wonderful owners Trish and John more than make up for it!!! They even have a resident bird called Treasure!

I can’t tell you haw special it was to drink tea out of a Shelley cup (a special request!) I almost had tears in my eyes when we arrived.

I have decided that sketching at a High Tea is just too much for me…. There is too much to sketch and I didn’t really find it very relaxing. There is a pressure to sketch everything and to sketch it perfectly – I am rather disappointed in my sketch of the beautiful Shelley cup….

So next year we have decided to visit T&T more often (my friend is keen to try their coffee) so I can try more of their china…plus I would love to try their pumpkin scones… I realised talking to Trish that pumpkin scones is in fact a favourite of mine that goes back to my childhood (there is always one plate of them at church functions) and one year my sister baked P. scones instead of a birthday cake, and a friend cooked them for me for my 30th birthday. Hadn’t quite made the connection which my current fad of cream teas but obviously me and scones go back a long way!

Just to make up for my slackness in not emailing my sketches to the owners from last year- I am re-posting them here.

09 Port Trip 08_High Tea1
09 Port Trip 09_High Tea2

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