110101 A week of summer holiday- part 1

January 1, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Happy New Year to everyone!
110101 A week of summer holidays
I am back from a busy week holiday at Port Macquarie. I ate a lot(why do we always catch up with friends and eat..cake!) Just scanning this and putting them together as a combo makes me feel a little ill- did I eat all that in a week.(actually I shared most of the cake) Off to eat some greens now!
101227_01 T2 last visit 2010
This seems ages ago but on Monday I did my final visit to T2 for 2010
101227_02 Family Christmas Day
Quick sketch on our family Xmas day – I was too exhausted to sketch more than this.

Here a a few of my sketches from Port trip in larger size
101229_01 Fig Morning Tea
101230_01 John's Shed
101230_02 MilkBar Morning Tea
101230_03 MilkBar Lunch

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