A morning in St Peters and more stuff about paint....

March 8, 2014 | 1 Comment

It is insane to take a new palette out on location without knowing what is in it… well insane is too strong a word but to take an untested palette out on location and to expect to be able to work with the same flow and ease as the tried and tested one is crazy. That is what I did this week.

So tonight, I just sat down and worked through my standard mixes using the three ‘primaries’ in this kit… working out how to get the colours I wanted.

The most important strip is the one on the right… mixing easily a raw sienna, a burnt sienna and a neutral grey. I worked out which order to mix the Y, R or B and got a feel for the quantities. Eg. to mix the grey I started with blue mainly and then a little yellow and a little red.

To a certain extent, as these three primaries are all transparent, I can keep adding paint to the mix and adjust its hue but the problem with that is that you are in danger of getting a dirty palette or water very quickly.

Better to have a feeling for the ratio of colours and mix it first go.

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Earlier in the day I had a lovely time with the Urban Sketchers Sydney Group in St Peters. Visiting Sydney Park and the Brickworks Village.

 Read more about it here

I spent quite a lot of my time talking so my effort today was relying totally on my training of my reflex sketching skills.

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