Talk and demo for the Medical Artist Group

March 7, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

I have a few things to catch up on… including a lovely time with the Medical Artist Group last Tuesday.

I showed them my portable studio, my sketchbooks (including my first real travel sketchbook in 2007) gave a slideshow talk, and then did 2 very quick demos (sitting on the floor… an important posture for travel sketching) of a teacup and a Sydney building from a photo.

The point of the demo was to show my approach to fast spontaneous sketching both with ink and wash and with watercolour pencil and watercolour. It was not to produce a stunning painting…as I note it is more a glorified thumbnail. I then combined the two quick sketches into a spread and wrote a few words.

We then had a lovely lunch together and of course I sketched my meal as well…and then demonstrated how I took a photo of it and uploaded to Instagram, Facebook and Flickr in one click!

Thanks Annie so much for the invitation to come and share my love of sketching with the group today….and for taking these photos for me!

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